COVID-19 and ScienCon

The health and safety of all our participants and guests is the utmost priority of the Organising Committee of the ScienCon 2022. Because of that there are few rules and requirements we will ask you to follow during ScienCon 2022:

  • You need to follow all official regulations while entering Poland. Depending on your vaccination status a negative test result for COVID-19 may be necessary. Here is a summary of the most important information, but keep in mind that the situation is changing rapidly and you need to confirm on your own what will you need to cross the border.
  • All participants of ScienCon 2022 have to be either:
    • Fully vaccinated (a vaccine authorized in the European Union or included in the list of vaccine counterparts authorized for marketing in the territory of the Republic of Poland, kept by the National Institute of Public Health PZH – National Research Institute), and 14 days have elapsed since the last dose of vaccination was given (counted from the day following the last dose). Vaccination is certified by the EU digital COVID certificate or other document in Polish or English confirming the vaccination.)
    • Have a valid, negative COVID-19 test result done during 48-hours before 31.03.2022, 12:00 (antigen or PCR test with a certificate stating the date of when the test was done and data allowing to identify you, i.e. ID number)
  • ScienCon 2022 will follow all the local restrictions, including the restrictions placed by the dean of the Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw – who is responsible for placing such restrictions at the European Centre for Geological Education.
  • If you feel unwell, or have any symptoms of COVID-19 before traveling to ScienCon 2022 contact the Organising Committee and stay at home. We will do our best to return to you your registration fee

Because of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic the ScienCon 2022 Organising Committee can not return any travel costs in case of sudden cancellation of the event. Please keep in mind to whenever possible book flexible tickets and plan your travel carefully. In the improbable case of cancelling the event the Organising Committee will do its best to return to all participants their registration fees.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.