For participants

ScienCon 2022

ScienCon 2022 is a unique, 4-day long event during which physics students from Poland and abroad will have the time, space and support to plan their future scientific career! All that with the help of mentors from the best Polish universities and companies.

The main part of the event will be a 24h long marathon of planning master’s and phD theses with the help of 12 mentors from both academic and industrial backgrounds.

Rest of the time will be filled to the brim with cultural trips, guest lectures and socialising after the long, hard work.

We are planning:

  • 3 exciting guest lectures on the subject of our main challenges
  • a trip to the Chęciny castle
  • visiting labs of the European Centre for Geological Education
  • bonfire with a concert of a folk band “Hudacy z Czeremska”
  • Nations Evening – as per IAPS tradition!
  • optional trip to Warsaw at the end of the event

The registration fee will be 230 PLN or less (around 50 euro), paid after the confirmation of the participation. More information here.


  • 12 teams, 4 people in each – with total of 48 participants
  • 24 hours for work (and sleep)
  • 12 mentors from all walks of life – scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • The marathon will end with presentations from each team
  • Goal: Creating a hypothetical career plans answering the biggest challenges of our times

We chose three main challenges:

  1. Dark Side of the Digitalization – from the security of our data to sociophysics
  2. Ad Astra – physics look at exploration of Space
  3. End is Nigh – challenges created by climate crisis and the finite natural resources

Depending on your work with your teams and mentors you will be verifying your research ideas, looking for potential collaborators and supervisors, innovating, writing research proposals and much more! To motivate you in your work the Marathon will be finished with short presentations from all teams and the best team in each category will be awarded. The jury will be comprised of mentors and guests and the criteria of the assessment will be published before the event.

Official marathon rules and the rules of the event can be found here.


Mentors are the hearts, souls and brains of ScienCon 2022! 12 amazing people from academic and industrial walks of life will help you planning your future career. Each mentor was chosen because of their professional experience and skill set and all mentors will be available to all participants during the Marathon, here you can read more about our guests!

Participation requirements

  • Participants of all nationalities are welcome
  • To participate you need to be a member of the International Association of Physics Students {iaps} – if you are not currently a member contact us and we will help you to find your Local Committee and join {iaps}. You can also say in the registration form you are not currently a member and we will direct you from there.
  • All participants have to be students of physics or adjacent fields (i.e. technical physics, mathematical physics, quantum engineering, astronomy, geophysics… and much more). All levels of students are welcome (undergraduate, graduate and phD candidates).
  • To participate in ScienCon 2022 you have to register here, pay the registration fee, accept (while filling the registration form) the ScienCon 2022 Terms and Conditions and arrive in Warsaw on 31.03.2022.


The event will be hosted at the European Centre for Geological Education in Chęciny, near Kielce. The centre belongs to the University of Warsaw and is a fully equipped, modern conference centre with a hotel. Beautifully composed into an old quarry, close to the castle in Chęciny and in the heart of the picturesque Holy Cross mountains it is a perfect place to focus on your future career.

Inauguration will take place at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (address: ul. Ludwika Pasteura 5A, 02-093, Warsaw) on Thursday 31.03.2022 at 3 pm. From the Faculty of Physics an organised transport will take all participants to Chęciny and back to Warsaw on Sunday, 03.04.2022.

Accomodation: all participants will be accommodated in the European Centre for Geological Education, in 2 person rooms, building D or E. Every room has a bathroom with a shower; desks and wi-fi. In every building there is an electric kettle and a fridge in the corridor. The ScienCon organisers will provide coffee, tea, sugar and milk there outside of the meals and coffee breaks planned in the schedule. In the spirit of zero waste we encourage everyone to bring their own water bottles and cups for warm drinks.

Be advised that the European Centre for Geological Education is 20 minute walk (one way) from the nearest shop.

More information can be found at:

Informations on the accessibility

The Organising Committee of ScienCon 2022 will try its best to accomodate all needs of our participants. European Centre of Geological Education is adapted to wheelchair use (you can read about it in detail here). If you need an assistant or a sign language translator we will provide free admitance to the ScienCon 2022 for them. If we can help you in some other way – contact us.


Q: How will I reach Chęciny?

A: You just have to get to Faculty of Physics, at University of Warsaw, address: ul. Ludwika Pasteura 5A, 02-093, Warsaw on Thursday 31.03.22 before 3 pm – from there we will all travel to Chęciny in an organised bus.

Q: I want to go straight to Chęciny, how can I get there?

A: If you want to get straight to Chęciny (and miss out on the Inauguration) let us know first so we will know where and when we can expect you ( In navigation look for European Centre for Geological Education, 17 km south from Kielce, near the Chęciny castle.

Q: Can I register a whole 4 – person team for ScienCon?

A: The registration for ScienCon is individual for all participants. The teams will be assigned on the first day by the Organizers. We will base the assignments on your application form taking care to form the most balanced teams.

Q: Is the 24-hour-long marathon truly a “marathon” (i.e., the participants will not be allowed to sleep during that 24 hours)?

A: We sincerely believe that sleep, health and balance are extremely important for success of any kind. All participants during the Marathon are encouraged to find time for sleep, food, walks and other breaks. All mentors will have at least an 8 – 10 hour break during the Marathon that will be announced before the start of the Marathon. Time management during the Marathon will be a graded part of each team’s overall score (meaning: finding time for sleep that agrees with all team members will be counted positively as good planning.)